Hello! I'm Pamela, the heart and hands behind Stitched by Pamela. My journey began in 2021 when I embarked on a mission to find a special custom knit sweater for my newborn son. However, after hitting some obstacles, I decided to dive into the world of embroidery myself.

Armed with yarn, a needle, and a whole lot of determination, I turned to YouTube tutorials to guide me. To my surprise, the very first sweater I crafted turned out to be a little work of art. Sharing it on Instagram brought an unexpected wave of requests from friends who wanted similar personalized sweaters for their little ones.

This turn of events led to the birth of Stitched by Pamela. What started as a personal quest soon grew into a small venture that now connects a community of custom knitwear enthusiasts. You can find these unique, handmade treasures directly through me or discover them at HoneyPie, a delightful Children's Boutique located in Westport.

A proud moment for me was being featured in the September/October 2023 edition of Westport Magazine, a recognition that truly warmed my heart.

As a mom of two living in Westport, Connecticut, I pour my love for crafting into each sweater I make. The joy and warmth these sweaters bring to children's lives fuel my dedication to this craft.

Stitched by Pamela isn't just about sweaters; it's about sharing happiness, one stitch at a time. Join me in adorning your little ones with these unique, made-with-love knits that carry a piece of my heart in every thread.

Our mission

At Stitched by Pamela, our mission is to create truly unique, handcrafted sweaters and blankets for children. Each piece is meticulously crafted by Pamela Nieuw, ensuring that every child receives a personalized, one-of-a-kind design. We celebrate the individuality of each child, aiming to bring joy and warmth to families through our lovingly made, bespoke creations.

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